K-Cup Coupons Can Save You Cash On Your Grocery Bill

You can easily save money on your K-cups by using K-Cup coupons.

Single cup coffee brewers are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it’s convenient to just be able to brew one cup at a time.  This is great if you just want one quick cup of coffee in the afternoon.  You don’t have to wait for a whole pot to brew and then end up throwing the rest of the coffee out.  In my household, we love our k-cup brewer (we have a Keurig brand) because my fiance likes decaf and I like flavored coffee.  It used to be really inconvenient to have to brew one pot of decaf and one pot of regular every morning.  Plus we would always fight about who’s coffee got brewed first!  Our Keurig machine was life changing for us because now I can just pop in a decaf k-cup for him, and then pop in a flavored k-cup for me!  I like to have a little basket on my counter with a variety of flavors (decaf and regular) to choose from.  I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, and my fiance drinks 1 or 2, so I soon started to notice that we were going through quite a few kcups and they were expensive.  These K-cups were really starting to max out my grocery bill so I decided to search for some K-cup coupons.

kcupcouponsUsing K-Cup coupons allows me to still be able to have my little basket of flavors stocked without busting my grocery budget.  There are lots of ways to save money on K-cups such as trying to find sales or even buying one of those reusable k-cups that you fill yourself.  I have two different types of these and while they do work quite well, it’s kind of a pain to keep rinsing them out after every cup and refilling them.  It’s a little messy and kind of takes away from the whole convenience of the Keurig machine and the k-cups.  I only use the reuseable k-cups when I am completely broke or I’ve just run out of the real k-cups.

Keurig K-cup coupons and k cup coupon codes are actually pretty hard to find.

If you sign up for the coffee club on the Keurig website, you can get 10-15% off of k-cups every month.  Also, another good way to save on k-cups is to order them from your office work place (if you have a business or your boss will let you).  The large office supply companies such as Quill and W.B. Mason offer k-cups in bulk at a discounted price if you go through a business.

Kcup coupons can also be found in your local Sunday paper.  Sometimes your local grocery store will be promoting k-cups and will feature k cup coupons that you can clip out and bring to the store with you.  Green Mountain Coffee also sometimes has k-cup coupons and specials on their k-cups listed on their website.

Basically, if you love k-cups and go through a lot of them in a week, it can get very expensive so your best bet would be to look for k-cup coupons and discounted k-cups.